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Reminder of Tomorrow’s Press Invitation Mr.PandaBar Opens ArtBar

Reminder of Tomorrow’s Press Invitation

Mr.PandaBar Opens ArtBar

With amongst others Nicolas Van Damme, Xpose artist and Jeremy Kesler

Including bites & drinks

The 12th of September 2021

Starting at 1 pm (press expected at 12:00)

Mr.PandaBar, Alfred Verweeplein 22, Knokke-Heist

Tomorrow Mr.PandaBar's brunch will be taking place, with the press arriving at 12:00 to assist with the opening of our very own ArtBar, in the presence of the co-operating artist. Please find all info below and don’t forget: if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, there is still time to do so!

Press Invitation Tomorrow Mr.Panda Opens ArtBar
Download PDF • 2.53MB

Download the entire press release in enriched PDF format by clicking the above link

A few months ago, Knokke gained an illustrious new resident: none other than the mysterious Mr. P. Fitzgerald, author of such absolute masterpieces as The Giant Greatsby and This Side of P.

As a young panda years ago, Mr. P. was awakened by the sound of a live band making quite the impression at a nearby club. He dragged himself out of bed, attended the gig, and was inspired to travel the world as a music lover.

During his travels he became a real wine connoisseur and gastronome, and he has now brought that knowledge to Knokke to create his first Mr.PandaBar [editorial note: always written together] next to the world-famous Lippenslaan, on the Alfred Verweeplein.

Mr.PandaBar is part of a larger whole, Mr.PandaWorld.

Of course, we will be presenting the different platforms in the near future. Outside of Mr.PandaBar itself, these are:

  • Mr.PandaInvites

  • Mr.PandaFest

  • Mr.PandaBeach

Mr.Panda will not only be presenting his monthly brunch on the 12th of September, though; he will also be opening his ArtBar. Indeed, from that day on, from opening to closing times, numerous works of art will be on display in the bar.

It could hardly be more fitting, because for the interior, Mr. P. Fitzgerald was inspired by the 1920s to 1940s and the American Prohibition.

An amazing setting to present the most beautiful art!

Mr.PandaBar Presents ArtBar

Every 2 months, Mr.PandaBar in collaboration with art lover, entrepreneur and skate phenomenon Jeremy Kesler, Raphaël Vanderhaegen (alias Xpose Artist) and Nicolas Van Damme (artist name: Vlad Van Damme) will be providing a bi-monthly influx of artists who will exhibit their work in Mr.PandaBar itself... Together, they will be responsible for the choice of artists within all possible currents.

Also, none other than Sigurd Tanghe of the renowned L'art Maniac will be present to talk with our guests. The works of our artists can also be admired in his art gallery, where the first steps inside already make clear what this connoisseur par excellence means with his slogan, 'being normal is boring'. Our brunch is made possible with his support.

Vlad Van Damme

It's always nice when someone doesn't try to piggyback on their name and that's certainly the case for Vlad Van Damme (aka Nicolas Van Damme),. After all, Nicolas (or 'Nic' to the friends) has successfully forged his own path over the years.

This artist pur sang made his debut as a graffiti artist on the streets of Oregon, but soon continued his career in Los Angeles.

His most striking achievement to date, however, was an exhibition in the luxurious Meridian Hotel in Hong Kong, where his pop art-inspired paintings and sculptures, which also carry a touch of the typical cartoon style of the 1930s, were greatly appreciated.

Nicolas takes his collaboration with Mr.PandaBar seriously and has even developed a piece of art around Mr.P. Fitzgerald himself.

We will unveil that brand new artwork for the first time on the 12th of September - so make sure to be there! We are very proud of it.

Xpose artist

The colorful Xpose artist (Raphaël Vanderhaegen) is sometimes said to be a reflection of his personality in his pop art, street art and graffiti-influenced paintings. Unlike most other artists in the genre, however, he only uses a brush to bring popular characters like Bugs Bunny and Popeye to life on canvas, often with accompanying texts.

Xpose artist likes to push the limits and express his life motto in his art: don't grow up!


Mr. P. Fitzgerald is a true bon vivant who, during his world travels, has brought the very best drinks and preparations he learned to know along the way to Knokke.

The Mr.PandaBrunch on the 12th of September is an event that will be presented every second Sunday of the month. He wants to surprise with fantastic snacks and a sophisticated selection of drinks. So don't miss it!

The brunch will start with bubbles, after which guests can choose from fresh bread and 'pastries', salads and other delicacies, Mr.Panda's own sushi and chocolate from none other than master chocolatier Olivier Van Nueten.

Of course we also offer you as press a snack and a drink in the presence of the artists. We expect you at noon, while paying guests will arrive an hour later.

This way you can ask questions, take pictures, film and/or do interviews among your colleagues in peace and quiet!


On the 13th of September, exactly one day after our Mr.PandaBrunch, the GastroBar menu will also be launched. You will already be able to see this during our press event! A food menu will be presented featuring Knokke's most popular dishes, such as smoked salmon toast, cannibal toast, shrimp croquettes and the world-famous fish soup with rouille that is so typical of the coastal city.

About Mr.Panda

Some panda bears continue to do only what their parents taught them. Others are self-made.

Granted, Mr. P. Fitzgerald was not born into a poor family. He didn't have to work his way up, and his parents were the kind of upper-middle-class slow mammals you've always seen documentaries about - you know, the kind that don't enter red panda temples to study the ancient art of kung fu. Satisfied with eating bamboo shoots and leaves, they were loving but unadventurous educators.

One night, after Mr. P. had dozed off, still high from a rare orange and banana dish, he awoke to the rousing tunes of a touring band that was playing in a nearby smoky club, and the saxophone solo triggered something that touched him to the depths of his soul; something that neither his father nor his mother had ever been able to touch.

The improvised, syncopated drum patterns so excited him that he soon decided to sneak away from his shady bedroom to attend the performance.

It was a life-changing experience.

By the time he returned home - still unnoticed - P.'s mind was racing with ideas that he just had to commit to a page. He began writing short story after short story, essay after essay and novel after novel but it was a few more years before Mr. P. managed to gather the courage to send his collected works to an established publisher.

By this time, Mr. P. Fitzgerald had fallen in love with another panda who had become his muse, an eternal source of wonder and fascination who invariably drove him forward with a burning desire to achieve not only his own goals, but also the many goals they both shared.

His writing became more inspired and far more confident than ever before, and it wasn't long before several publishing houses began to take notice of him.

Thanks to the success of books like This Side of P. and The Giant Greatsby, both of which won the National Book Award, and with even the Pulitzer Prize within reach, P. became something of a celebrity. He moved to Hollywood in the posh side of the woods, where he began to immerse himself in the vibrant local nightlife.

Under the name Mr. P. Fitzgerald soon became the socialite you simply must invite to your party if you don't want to be ostracized by many of the most prominent community members.

Nevertheless, Mr.Panda remained intent on changing the usual way things were done. After all, he had never forgotten where he had come from and, moreover, had always managed with brio not to become blasé himself.

Not even that deep down, he had begun to nurture a new goal: to share his experiences with others, to be able to embrace everyone with equal love, and to bring joy to as many people as possible.

Mr.Panda began to use his fame to give free rein to his creativity, his love of music and his penchant for organizing beautiful, memorable events that almost everyone longs for. His first goals?

Setting up the first PandaBars, hosting PandaFest, opening Mr.PandaWorld and creating Panda Invites.

Mr.Panda's events are now ready to receive visitors - guests looking for something special. Something unique. Something they can't find anywhere else.

You're Invited!

Honestly: Mr.Panda would love to invite you, and we sincerely hope you'll come, because we're not just talking about giant pandas, bamboo or music, but also about sharing unique experiences, and we can't do that if you don't come in large numbers.

Of course, we would love to invite you as a journalist, vlogger or blogger to be present on this fantastic day and make it a fantastic party with our paying customers.

We would also appreciate a (pre-)announcement in your publication(s). The only thing you have to do to be able to attend - possibly with a colleague - is to inform us at the known email address:

+32 (0)494 38 27 44

Of course, we would also be happy if you mention our social media and contact information in your articles or reviews. These are :


Alfred Verweeplein 22

8300 Knokke-Heist

Instagram: @mrpandaworld

Don't forget to follow us too!

See you soon,

The Mr.Panda team

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