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Press Release: Biobieren Warmenbol Unveils New Initiatives

In our previous press release on Biobieren Warmenbol, we talked about how this exceptional Belgian beer producer not only provides organic barley but is also the only one in the Benelux to brew biodynamic beers. If you have not yet reviewed the 9 different drinks that have sprung from beer architect Paul Warmenbol’s brain, there are still tasters available for you to review! In the meantime, there’s more news we would like to share with your listeners, viewers and/or readers!

Press Release_ Biobieren Warmenbol Unvei
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Own Brewery

Because of the corona crisis, work has been slower than expected, but in the meantime, the finishing touches are being put on our own brewery, which also has a proprietary tasting room. If you would like to visit us soon, please let us know!

Own Hop Field

There’s more: Biobieren Warmenbol will soon unveil its own hop field, which will, of course, feature organic cultivation exclusively. Having access to our own crops is not just a way to have a good supply of the very best hops, but also to ensure that everything remains strictly organic.


Biobieren Warmenbol doesn’t just believe in organic ingredients, but also in fair and cooperative trade. All ingredients used are organic and during the brewing process, additives are completely banned, while only additives allowed by the organic label, such as lactic acid and Irish moss, are used. Two beers even carry the Demeter label and are thus fully biodynamic. But our efforts don’t just end there.

Biobieren Warmenbol allows you to invest in the cooperative. This is done by buying C shares, which are shares for those who endorse the mission but are not guardians of it themselves. Without taking on too much responsibility, investors are able to support something they strongly believe in financially. Those who subscribe receive a fair return: an annual dividend or a payment in kind. They’re also allowed to sign up for an organic brewery visit voucher by name. This allows them to pick up their beer at the brewery themselves every year, without having to pay for it! T-shirts, their name on the 'wall of fame' and a VIP invitation to each new launch are also included, depending on the amount invested.

Would you like to be involved in the business you have invested in? You can be via the board meetings, and moreover, Paul Warmenbol, the man behind the whole project, and his entire team are committed to open policy, cooperative participation and a strong consultation model.

The affordability of investing (we are talking amounts of 150 to 1,000 euros) and the number of benefits gained through such a small investment makes the entire endeavour even more special and uniquje. That is why we would love it if you would share this information with as many people as possible. Also, please don't forget to mention our website and social media:


Instagram: @biobierenwarmenbol


Contact: For review copies, articles, interviews and more, please contact: +32 (0)494 38 27 44 See you soon! The Biobieren Warmenbol team

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