No doubt about it: presuppositions usually should be questioned and re-examined on a regular basis. Still, the Badass PR team members are sure about one thing: almost any occupation - whether you're a designer, a journalist, an organiser, a salesman, a therapist, a business (wo)man or a consultant - benefits from having good social skills and being able to think creatively.













Yes, we know that a lot of PR bureaus stress the importance of thinking out of the box, but we don't just use the words, we make them happen: to us, imagination, passion and communicative skills are key. Additionally, we look at things with a critical eye and with strong subject knowledge.





Are print media worth more than blogs and other online publications? It is true that copywriting always needs to be short and simple? Are online formes preferable to simply listing your Email? Do TV commercials still get the required results? How should product placement be handled? We're always up to date with the newest info, the most interesting research and the most important meta studies.



In the end, we're very much aware of the fact that we also have a social role to play. That's why we will never promote anything that's bad for your health or for the environment, or anyone who is using antioscial, discriminatory rhetoric. A glass of wine can have great health benefits, but a glass of sugary soda usually doesn't, or at least not enough when weighing pros and cons. Obviously, everything should be consumed in moderation, but some things are just plain bad for us. By refusing to promote any unhealthy product, we as PR consultants hope to contribute something positive to this society.




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