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ZhGrep is a cross-platform (Windows, UNIX, Linux, OS X) full-text search tool for Unicode plain-text files. It's powered by Lucene, a well-known open-source and high-performance Java library, and it can search through plain-text files in Unicode (UTF-16/32) format. Not only does it search for the specific keywords that you enter, it can also search for text strings that contain the keywords you enter, in the entire file, as well as the files within a specified directory and sub-directories. ZhGrep can locate files from the same source code in different languages or saved in different encodings. You can combine multiple search fields, and you can save the search results in the format of plain text or HTML. This is a beta version of ZhGrep. To be honest, it still need some improvement in some aspects, such as a smoother user interface, better explanations/guidance, and better reporting of the search results. Please keep this in mind. This product is mainly to be a baseline for more testing to improve its features and usability. And, ZhGrep is already quite stable. There have been no reported cases of ZhGrep crashing since this beta version. A quick and plain search term: Search for * fred* from a source code file fred.txt. And it will list all the source files that contain fred. Search for fred It will find fred.txt and fred.swp from the file fred.txt, and the folder fred from fred.swp. Note that it will not find fred.txt or fred.swp. Search for fred* It will find fred.txt and fred.swp from the file fred.txt, and the folder fred from fred.swp. And it will also find fred.c.c from the folder fred. Search for fred or fred* This time it will find fred.txt and fred.swp from the file fred.txt, and it will also find fred.c.c from the folder fred. It will also find fred.txt and fred.c.c from the file fred.c.c, and find fred.txt and fred.swp from the a5204a7ec7

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