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Press Release: Upstart Company IIM Brings Real-Time Animation to Social Media

Updated: Oct 21, 2020





A brand-new, powerful platform that is set to revolutionize social media? Belgian upstart company Intelligent Internet Machines has now developed Animachine, software that allows users to easily create animated stories. Already 108% funded on Seedrs, we would love to share information about this amazing new technology with you and your followers, viewers, listeners or readers. As always, we will be providing bloggers and journalists with a lot of material to choose from, so read on and don’t hesitate to contact Badass PR if you’re interested in sharing the news and learning more about the Animachine Creative Suite!

Prress Release_Upstart Company IIM Bring
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We have all come to know and – mostly – love social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. One thing they all have in common: each of the mentioned media is meant to share pictures and/or videos with other users. It makes sense, as such content is easy to create and at the fingertips of almost anyone who has access to a smartphone or tablet.

Unfortunately, including your own animation has been out of reach to all but the most passionate illustrators and animators. Until now.

Intelligent Internet Machines is developing propriety software that brings innovative, real-time 3D animation tools to mobile internet users around the world. The first implementation of Animachine will be Push!, a multi-user game firmly planted in a social-sharing structure. It will feature an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, allowing users to create their own animated content.


There’s no denying that Push! is poised to tread where no video or picture sharing platform has been before. The most popular social media sites allow users to upload, watch and like videos, but the option of creating your own animated content has never been available before. It’s easy to see how Animachine is bringing something entirely new to the playing field.

With just a handful of users sharing unique animation, the realm of animated social media has remained virtually unexplored. Push! will implement artificial intelligence and behavior data in order to create a mobile, gamified, content creation app unlike anything currently available. The result will be a ground-breaking, genre-defying experience that is sure to go far beyond the boundaries of what was previously thought to be possible within the confines of gaming and social media.

The technology used has already proven attractive to some major players - the Tokyo Olympics mascot is being animated with the same Animation Now engine. With that kind of credibility, Antwerp upstart Intelligent Internet Machines has proven it is able to push the envelope of modern animation technology.

Just like Fortnite and TikTok, Push! and of course later Animachine will be free of use. Users will then be invited to evolve their characters by purchasing digital assets or upgrades inside the integrated online store. Moreover, third parties will be able to acquire Animachine Creative Suite licenses to offer original, branded content, while 3D artists will be allowed to customize characters, props and animated moves through the digital asset store.



We would love to extend an open invitation to all members of the press and supply you with the materials you may need to inform your followers, readers, viewers and/or listeners. We will gladly provide you with news, updates, pictures and interview opportunities. Also, we have some goodies ready for you and will send out a unique press-only limited edition Push! T-shirt to anyone who follows up on our press release. Please contact us through the usual channels to discuss possibilities, schedule interviews and share links:

+32 (0)494 38 27 44

Please share the following link to the current Seedrs campaign:


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