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Press Release: The Creativity Conference Presents Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Press Release: The Creativity Conference Presents Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

August 3-5, 2022 — FREE

Three Full Days of Exploring the Essence of Creativity

120+ Live Online Presentations — More than 85 Speakers from Many Different Creative Fields

Only a few days left before one of the world’s largest meetings of creatives kicks off! From August 3 to 5, more than 85 speakers from different disciplines, such as film, the fine arts, gaming, literature, motivational speaking, music, photography and TV will talk about creativity. They will be sharing anecdotes, ideas, insights, stories and techniques for thousands of people who will all be able to follow the entire conference online for free.

Moreover, all of our speakers are contributing for free as well, passionate about sharing their insights with the creatives of the future to help them on their path. With Jo Lanzisero, former VP of Imagineering at Disney, sharing the keynote on day 1 with Creativity Conference creator Maxim Jago, the right tone is sure to be set from the get-go.

Of course, we would love for you to write or talk about the conference on your own media, and we would also like to reiterate that almost all of our speakers and all team members are available for interviews.

Press Release_The Creativity Conference Presents Elizabeth Blake-Thomas
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Starting today, we will be presenting one speaker in a daily press release leading up to The Creativity Conference. Each of these speakers is a leading authority in one or more creative fields and is available for interviews.

As we don’t want to inundate you with press releases, we’ve chosen to present only one Creativity Conference guest a day, but please be aware that there are many others and there is sure to be a speaker who will be of interest to your outlet.

A complete list of all our speakers can be found on The Creativity Conference website here:

The direct link is:

About Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

When asked to share more about herself, Elizabeth often says she is a storyteller and that description definitely is indicative of her entire career.

Elizabeth started out as a writer with her blog, Divorcee, Daughter and Dog. After that, she expanded into screenplays, children books and adult fiction.

She founded entertainment company Mother & Daughter Entertainment with the motto ‘Making Content That Matters’ and became Official Ambassador of Awareness Ties for Human Trafficking.

A philanthropist as well as a filmmaker, Elizabeth has directed almost a dozen films, as well as the pilot for TV series Across the Pond and her own podcast series, Filmmaking Without Fear.

That last show has quickly become an amazing multi-medium filmmaking resource, with the book being available on Amazon and, while the podcast itself can be followed on all podcast streaming platforms.

Filmmaking Without Fear has been a source of inspiration for a great many filmmakers since its inception in 2020, even guiding artists through quarantine and lockdown periods during the pandemic.

Elizabeth’s latest film release is Just Swipe, starring Full House/Fuller House stars Jodie Sweetin and David Lipper. It’s available to stream now on Viacom's PlutoTV and PopTV, as well as AppleTV and iTunes… but that’s not all, as this amazingly energetic award-winning director has just directed a young adult suspense drama she is currently working on. Maybe our listeners and viewers will be able to hear more about that project during next week’s conference!

There’s more. As an Ambassador of the Awareness Ties Against Human Trafficking charity, Elizabeth has drawn a lot of attention to some hard statistics, such as the fact that every 1 out of 4 victims of human trafficking is a child, that the average age of entering sex trafficking is only 13 years old, and that human trafficking accounts for no less than 40,300,000 victims globally and a generated income of 150 billion dollars. The Creativity Conference is honored to have this great platform as a significant partner and would love some media attention for this important topic.


We would hereby like to invite you to share the news on The Creativity Conference, its speakers and its goals with your readers, listeners, viewers, followers and subscribers. Of course, our guests and team members are entirely at your disposal to answer questions, exchange ideas and/or do interviews.

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