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Press Release: The Creativity Conference Online

Press Release: The Creativity Conference Online

August 3-5, 2022 — FREE

Three Full Days of Exploring the Essence of Creativity

150+ Live Online Presentations — More than 75 Speakers from Many Different Creative Fields

Throughout the ages, creativity has always been a determining factor for the future of humankind. The want — or even the urge — to create, to come up with something new and original, something unique, something memorable, is a main motivation for many, if not all, of us. It’s not just a desire, it very often is an inescapable drive, something that makes us feel alive and that allows us to invent, become artists, find the best way to talk to someone or come up with solutions for problems we face as individuals, organizations or even entire communities and cultures. Alas, we are often taught that creativity is always innate, that it cannot be taught or even cultivated — and most of the speakers at The Creativity Conference would disagree. From August 3 until August 5, they will be sharing their views on creativity with the world.

Hailing from a wide variety of different disciplines, including fine arts, photography, the performing arts, music, film, TV, gaming, literature and motivational speaking, the more than 75 guests who will be speaking at this year’s Creativity Conference are at the forefront of innovation — but they’re not alone.

Press Release_The Creativity Conference 2022
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Download the entire press release in PDF format by clicking the above link

Although our speakers will share ideas and insights, unique as well as universal angles and techniques, and stories as well as anecdotes, we are truly convinced that anyone can be creative. Sometimes, we just need the right motivation, the belief that we can all find that special spark inside of us, or a way to find what we are looking for within the multitude of options available faster and more efficiently than we have so far… and at The Creativity Conference, that’s exactly what we are trying to do.

Not Just Another Conference

With influential companies Dell, Intel and NVIDIA sponsoring, and with partners like Creative One Eleven, Awareness Ties, FilmDoo, The Icelandic Film School, Misfit, Buoyancy and Raindance, it should be clear that The Creativity Conference is not just any event — it’s a gathering of minds that offers a potentially transformative experience, a meeting ground for creatives around the world, and a way to not just tune in and listen, but also actively participate in this huge collaborative project.

We all know that our collective creativity is being called upon by people all over the world who want to see change for the better — both in their personal lives and in our global community itself. In a world where stagnation is to be avoided at all costs, The Creativity Conference team would love to contribute just a little bit to a better world for all.


We would hereby like to invite you to share the news on The Creativity Conference, its speakers and its goals with your readers, listeners, viewers, followers and subscribers. Of course, our guests and team members are entirely at your disposal to answer questions, exchange ideas and/or do interviews.

Next Level

Whether you are a journalist, a blogger, a vlogger, a columnist or an influencer: The Creativity Conference is here for you as well as for your audience. We would love to personalize your experience and help you write your article, record your podcast, conduct your interviews or film your footage in any way we possibly can, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask for suggestions or more info.

Our Speakers

Our speakers all have a unique perspective on creativity. Some will offer personal advise based on their own experiences, others offer more philosophical approaches, scientific fasts, practical suggestions or inspirational speeches based on how they managed to overcome their own obstacles.

Some of our guests include design leader Mike Pell, global business leader Marty Zalewski, top photographer Marc Aitken, artist Gordon Scott, actress Franziska Brandmeier, award-winning musician Alex Hummingson, film producer and Raindance Film Festival founder Elliot Grove, and dozens of others.

Including an exhaustive list in this press release is almost impossible — also because the majority of guests cover many different fields!

Please click on this link to find all of our speakers. Also please share this link so your audience can sign up to The Creativity Conference — It’s all for free and it will also allow them to enter a free competition to win a Dell Precision laptop worth over $3,400.

From Live to Live Online to Live

Originally conceived as a live happening, the current state of the pandemic and world events known all too well by us all by now have convinced our team to host this edition of The Creativity Conference online. This, we felt, was the only way to guarantee access to people of entire countries that are under siege or otherwise in trouble, as we are well aware that many of our potential attendees are unable to travel and we want to make sure the playing field is level for every single one of you.

That being said, The Creativity Conference will go live in August 2023 and will be held in the beautiful city of Reykjavík, Iceland.

About the Team

Our amazing team is being directed by none other than multi-award winning filmmaker, screenwriter, consultant, futurist, public speaker, instructor and best-selling author Maxim Jago.

Maxim is not only a gifted editor, filmmaker and actor, he is also extremely passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights with others, whilst also listening and remaining open to their input and ideas.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with us via the usual contact details: - +32 (0)494 38 47 44


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