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Press Release: The Creativity Conference


August 4th – 6th 2021

Online (Hybrid Event in Reykjavik next year)

Sponsored by Dell, NVIDIA, and Intel

In Partnership with Artists United, Awareness Ties, Creative one-eleven, FilmDoo, Raindance, MediaU

‘There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.’

Edward de Bono

We would hereby like to invite you, as a member of the press or as a blogger, vlogger or influencer, to the upcoming Creativity Conference. Due to COVID-19-restrictions, this second edition of the 3-day event will be online, with a hybrid in-person and live-streamed online version following next year. With dozens of world-class musicians, dancers, game developers, journalists, authors, designers, photographers, filmmakers and other artists offering presentations and participating in panels, we are sure your readers, viewers or listeners will find something to enjoy, and we would love for you to publish an item about The Creativity Conference in advance. Of course, organizer/futurist/director/producer Maxim Jago and many of the featured artists are available for interviews and are ready to answer any and all questions you may have.

Please contact our PR consultant at for more information, links, videos or texts, invitations to The Creativity Conference, and more on interview opportunities.

Attendance is completely free as the event is sponsored. Please share the following registration link with your audience:

Press Release_The Creativity Conference
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What Is It About?

‘The Creativity Conference is a global meeting of minds to explore the quintessential essence of creativity in all its forms.’

Maxim Jago

The focus of The Creativity Conference is not on techniques, tools, or business skills, but on creativity itself—on the power to create something truly original that has never been seen, heard, felt, smelled or tasted before.

Creativity is a powerful force that enhances almost any work, whether it be a piece of art, a performance, a service, a building or a product. It adds that elusive X-factor that allows someone to make (even) more of an impact. It’s what drives researchers to ask the right questions and to come up with valid answers. It’s what makes an experience stick in your head, and stay in your memory forever. It’s what moves you, it can surprise you, and it can trigger the emotions needed to never forget a great dish, a memorable service, or an invention that might change the evolution of humankind itself.

Creativity is not only to be celebrated, but also to be nurtured. Anyone can learn how to be more creative, and anyone can get inspired if (s)he is able to find the right resources or the right source of inspiration. Maybe an aha-moment will be triggered by a debate, or a documentary, or a work of fiction, or a coach, or something else entirely, but, alas, there is so much information out there that, while it has become easier than ever to find the right source if you know how to look for it, we’ve also become prone to stumbling upon fake news, or information that will discourage instead of inspiring us, or a ‘teacher’ who gives us false beliefs or damaging ideas.

Experiencing an event organized by a team of specialists who are adept at finding great speakers, inspiring stories and imaginative ideas can help. By getting together some of the most creative artists out there, we are trying to make it easier to find what you are looking for to make a difference in your life as a whole, or in your endeavors.

That being said, the organizers of The Creativity Conference don’t pretend to be all-knowing. There are thousands – if not millions – of creatives out there who all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Still, it is our fervent hope that The Creativity Conference will serve as a catalyst to find out more about your favorite subjects and become a trusted source you can turn to whenever you want. We offer direct and easy access to so many different lectures, panels and keynotes that we’re sure you’ll find something there to entice and energize you. Something you’ll want to share with your friends, colleagues and family. Something that might make a change in your own life. Something that’ll make you want to come back and maybe contribute. Something that’ll make sure that you and all our other attendees help in making our Creativity Conference even more special and foster a community of creative minds with easy access to one another.

Why Now?

‘Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.’

George Lois

With a pandemic raging through the planet, many of us have become isolated. Some have been cut off from their loved ones for many months or have been left to fend for themselves after losing their jobs or sense of community. Others have regained their freedoms, only to be held back by the trauma or break-ups they’ve had to go through during a lockdown. More are still fearful because variant virus strains require us to keep up our vigilance.

During these trying times, so many of us have turned to streams, films, video clips, digital platforms, and online events to keep up our morale, inform ourselves and find some much-needed entertainment and relief.

Even without a virus outbreak, there’s been no time in history in which so much information has been available. This overflow of data has, however, also made it more difficult to quickly find what we need, or to come across something truly creative that can inspire us without needing to wade through a sea of superfluous ones and zeroes.

The Creativity Conference isn’t just about our speakers and what they will share with you. It’s about creativity itself. It’s a celebration of the imagination and it seems to be much needed, as research after research indicates people are getting stumped or demotivated more and faster than ever. Procrastination is on the rise and we need inspired movers and shakers to make a difference. For our children. For our future. For ourselves.

Our organizers and guests are positive about what is to come. We all truly believe that, when creativity is nurtured, it can unite, and it can make for a bright tomorrow for us all. We’re optimists, passionate about our fields of work or study, and we think we have something valuable to share with our attendees, while undoubtedly our visitors also have something to contribute.

After all, creativity doesn’t count for anything if it stays within a vacuum. It’s a force that becomes so much stronger when there’s synergy and togetherness, and in a time when partisanship, discrimination and hate is on the rise, it’s more needed than ever.

Why now? Because there’s never been a better time to reach out to the masses, stop talking about tolerance and start embracing and welcoming every well-meaning soul with open arms by sharing our ideas and imagination. The methods of communication are there. The channels are available. And our speakers are ready to share their knowledge, their stories, and their anecdotes.


‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’

Albert Einstein

The Creativity Conference is an inclusive project launched by Maxim Jago.

Maxim Jago is a multi-award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, best-selling author, consultant futurist, and public speaker. He’s the author of several standard texts used by film schools around the world, as well as books and articles exploring emerging technology and trends. He’s also well known for his online and public training courses in film production and post-production.

As a consultant futurist, Maxim provides support and perspective on developments for several media and technology organizations. He’s Chief Innovation Officer for the film distribution company FilmDoo, and Chief Futurist for Curve Reality.

Having directed over 30 short films and two feature films, winning awards as a director and screenwriter, he's a regular speaker at film festivals and media technology conferences such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Berlinale, Sundance, Raindance, TIFF, NAB, IBC, BVE and SxSw.

Maxim brings far-reaching experience and understanding to the future of advanced technology for creativity and storytelling. He’s also co-responsible for the already-legendary Pajama Parties at the Cannes Film Festival and word on the grapevine is that the concept is set to debut at other leading film festivals around the world as early as this year. Just as importantly, Maxim is also a great guy and a captivating conversationalist – and that’s without him telling us to write that down.

Of course, Maxim isn’t alone. Find out about our other team members by following this link.

Our speakers

Mere weeks before our full 3-day event, we are still adding great speakers and our list is constantly updated! Find out about all our amazing guests at:

Please share the news on The Creativity Conference with your audience and let us know what your output has been. Additionally, many of our artists and all of our team members – including Maxim Jago himself – are available to answer any and all of your questions. Of course, any and all journalists, bloggers and vloggers who write about this edition will also be invited to next year’s hybrid event in Reykjavík, Iceland!

More info:

Please get in touch with us through our PR consultant, Dirk Vandereyken, at

+32 (0)494 38 27 44 or +33 (0)752 11 33 55


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