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Press Release: Renowned Adventurer Mike Libecki at The Creativity Conference

Only one more day to one of the world’s biggest meetings of creatives! From August 3 to 5, more than 85 leading creatives in a host of different disciplines will be talking about creativity and about using our imagination to full effect. They’ll be offering advice, anecdotes, stories and techniques that are sure to not just appeal to other photographers, filmmakers, painters, public speakers, actors, explorers, designers and other artists, but to anyone. Leading up to The Creativity Conference, we’ve been featuring one speaker a day and this time we’d love to focus on Mike Libecki!

Press Release_Renowned Adventurer Mike Libecki at The Creativity Conference
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About Mike Libecki

Former National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and National Geographic Expeditions Council Guarantee Mike Libecki has won more high-profile mountaineering, adventuring, challenge and inspiration awards than the internet can keep up with.

Mike has successfully completed more than 85 major expeditions all over the planet, half of which were solo endeavors, and his passport passed 100 stamped pages years ago already. Our speaker is a gifted producer, director, videographer, photographer, humanitarian and conservationist — and he’s one of the most interesting people you’d ever wish to interview.

During his travels, Mike has battled extreme cold, furious katabatic winds, crushing waves, searing heat and unforgiving mountains.

It’s often said he’s addicted to ’exploring the most remote, exotic and untouched locations on the planet’ and climbing ‘big walls, towers, or alpine first ascents’, but this adventurer pur sang also makes a point to mention he remains a dedicated father to his daughter, fellow world traveler Lilliana, with whom he founded a nonprofit organization that focuses on conservation and humanitarian work around the world.

During The Creativity Conference and his interviews, Mike would love to discuss his recent Antarctica microplastics research expedition, polar bear issues, tech/VR/storytelling with emotion, and the give back/schools being built in remote communities around the world — all topics that are extremely close to heart for him, so don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to get one of this planet’s most important adventurers in front of your microphone and cover (his talk at) The Creativity Conference!

Cover The Creativity Conference

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