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Press Release: Raindance Film Festival Founder Elliot Grove to Speak at The Creativity Conference

The Creativity Conference Presents Elliot Grove

August 3-5, 2022 — FREE


Three Full Days of Exploring the Essence of Creativity

Press Release_The Creativity Conference Presents Elliot Grove
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With The Creativity Conference — one of the planet’s biggest meetings of creative minds, which will be streamed online for a worldwide audience — looming behind the proverbial corner, we’d love to present yet another one of our 85+ speakers: Elliot Grove! Elliot is a Canadian-born producer and author who also teaches screenwriting and filmmaking on an international level, but he’s probably best known as the driving force behind the internationally-renowned Raindance Film Festival. Of course, Elliot is available for interviews, as all of our guests are.

About Elliot Grove

It should hardly come as a surprise that someone like Elliot Grove will be a speaker at The Creativity Conference. After all, Elliot has been epitomizing creativity ever since he started working as a scenic artist on 68 feature films and over 700 commercials after following a formal art school education. He moved to London in the late 1980s and launched the Raindance Film Festival in 1993, also founding the British Independent Film Awards in 1998 and the Raindance London Film School in 2017.

Even after 3 decades, the Raindance Film Festival is still going strong. It’s currently the largest independent film festival in the UK.

Elliot also has a production company operating under the Raindance banner and has been busy developing a number of hugely interesting projects to add to his already-impressive list of 5 feature films and 700 short films as a producer.

‘I’m working with the most amazing team I’ve ever had,’ Elliot told The Creativity Conference team yesterday, fresh off a first-look screening at BAFTA of The Effects of Lying, a movie he executive produced about a family torn apart after a generation of lying.

Despite his accomplishments and despite the Raindance Film Festival’s status, the festival has been turned down for public funding 38 times in a row. ‘Raindance is far too innovative and disruptive to qualify for government funding,’ Elliot told us. ‘It’s actually been a very healthy thing because it forced us to look for funding from commercial partners and we’ve been very successful in doing that.’

This year marks a minor turning point, as the British Independent Film Awards were recently assigned 5000 British pounds of funding. Despite this being ‘just a drop in the ocean’, dixit Elliot, it might be a hopeful sign for things to come.

At The Creativity Conference

So, what kind of talk can followers expect from Elliot at The Creativity Conference? ‘I’m doing a pitching skills workshop, as pitching is one of the most important skills in the film industry — and, by extension, any creative industry. It’s key if you want finance, creative support, funding, distribution… You’re telling a story, drawing people into your world. They need to see and feel the people you’re talking about and if you do a good job, they will remember you and you may get your funding.’ It’s clear this will be a workshop you shouldn’t miss!

Talking about funding, Elliot has a very hopeful message to any creatives out there who are passionate about getting a project off the ground. ‘Everyone’s looking for talent and content. The trick is how you get paid for it, but if you’re a visual storyteller, finding funding has never been easier.’

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