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Press Release & Invitation: The Creativity Conference New York


JUNE 10, 2022 – FROM 9 A.M. UNTIL 5 P.M.


In August, dozens of speakers, all of them leading creatives in their respective fields, will be gathering together for the three-day long Creativity Conference in the beautiful city of Reykjavic, Iceland. Organized by award-winning filmmaker and bestselling author Maxim Jago, the talks and the events hosted during the Creativity Conference are sure to make waves across not only the artistic community, but also across mainstream outlets.

PresS Release and Invitation_The Creativity Conference New York 2022
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With a range of options spanning free coverage to in-person tickets to witness the event on site, people across the globe will be privy to a unique gathering of minds and sharing of innovative ideas – but, now, you won’t have to wait for another three months before being able to get a taste of what is to come.

After a successful live Dubai edition, the Creativity Conference New York will set up camp at yet another extraordinary venue: Manhattan’s very own Microsoft SoHo Garage. 11 speakers – including Maxim Jago himself – will be taking center stage during a keynote, several morning sessions, even more afternoon sessions (after a great buffet lunch) and a closing slot specifically dedicated to networking. Each of them will be offering advice on how to turn ideas into reality, eyes firmly fixed towards a common brighter future for us all.

Sponsored by world-renowned companies Adobe, Jasco, Microsoft and Misfit, and supported by the amazing charity Awareness Ties, the New York Creativity Conference will be a great way to sample what is to come in August.

Join Us!

Of course, many of the scheduled speakers at both conferences will be available for interviews and we will be keeping you up to date throughout the next few months. The organization and its sponsors would greatly appreciate your coverage and – if possible – presence at both the shorter New York Creativity Conference and its bigger sibling in Iceland. Please share the news with your readers, listeners and/or viewers, and don’t hesitate to RSVP with any questions or comments you might have. Our team hopes to hear from you soon!

The New York Creativity Conference Speakers

Speaking at the New York Creativity Conference will be:

Maxim Jago Founder - The Creativity Conference Mike Pell Envisioneer at the Microsoft Garage Mark Mann Photographer Billie Carn Founder, Maverick Wisdom Dave DeBorde Filmmaker and Screenwriter Joseph Clarke Entertainment web3 Expert and Music CEO Krysanne Katsoolis Founder and CEO Viewpark and Soundpark AJ Leon Philanthropist & Founder, Misfit Jalen James Acosta Filmmaker and Musician James Cole Jr Founder & CEO, The Jasco Group Ramfis Myrthil Film Producer

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