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Press Release & Invitation: The Creativity Conference 2022


AUGUST 3-5, 2022

Live & Online

After an extremely successful 2021 edition, The Creativity Conference is finally able to move to its intended physical venue while also keeping its online presence intact.

With more than 100 live presentations, 50 speakers and 3 keynotes spread out over 3 days, this celebration of artistic creativity is set to once again reach a global audience from out of one of this world’s most beautiful cities: Reykjavic, Iceland. Join us and dozens of speakers covering a wide range of subjects, including digital art, film, television, streaming, gaming, photography, literature, fine art, the performing arts, and music, for a transformative experience meant to inspire, motivate and inform as wide an audience as possible.

Press Release and Invitation_The Creativity Conference 2022
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Download the full press release as a PDF by clicking on the above link

Of course, we would be extremely grateful if you would share this news with your readership, listeners, and/or viewers.

We will also have full online press access and a limited number of physical stays available, so please do RSVP as fast as possible in order to be present – live or otherwise – as a journalist, columnist, vlogger, blogger, or influencer!

Our main sponsors

Our partners

Our Goal

Some might say The Creativity Conference was born out of a belief, but our team thinks it was born out of fact: the realization that creativity is the X-factor that drives change. It raises craft to art. It fuels not just interest, but passion. It allows us to think outside of the box and come up with innovative solutions to both old and new problems. It promotes curiosity, exploration and discovery.

That being said, it’s often difficult to choose where we will be looking for creativity. More often than not, it takes hours or even days of going through dozens of instructional texts, podcasts, or videos to find that one gem, that one speaker who knows how to not just inform, but touch us.

It’s why The Creativity Conference got created: to bring together some of the most creative minds on this planet and have them all speak during an amazing 3-day event.


Aside from having over hundreds of creatives from around the world speak at no less than seven presentation rooms, The Creativity Conference will also boast a digital experience room with mind-blowing state-of-the-art creative technology, an indoor garden meeting space, a daily buffet lunch, and multiple daily live events.

On top of the above, the conference will host three nightly events:

  • Movie Night in the Perlan Ice Museum on August 3

  • A live music night in Gamla bíó on August 4

  • Our closing night creative bash featuring multiple performances to be held at a secret venue on August 5

Our Speakers

Just last week, we were able to confirm that Hollywood editor Vashi Nedomansky, ACE will be joining us as a speaker ( We have also confirmed that Raindance and British Independent Film Awards founder Elliot Grove has been added to the speaker roster as well.

Please follow this links to find about speakers who will be present at The Creativity Conference:

About the Organiser

The Creativity Conference was launched last year by none other than futurist/filmmaker/consultant Maxim Jago, author of bestseller What Will Our World Be Like in 10 Years? and director/script writer of feature-length film Orpheus Rising. Maxim’s next film project, It’s Haunted, is currently in post-production.

As an extremely sought-after public speaker and one of Adobe’s most prolific instructors, with more than 2,000 tutorials exploring post-production and media technology to his name, Maxim has been immersed in the elusive realm of creativity most of his life. A testament to his versatility and skill, he is currently writing a philosophical book and various aspects of human life.

Of course, our amazing Creativity Conference director is available for Q&A’s and interviews, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Share & Get in Touch

Our PR bureau firmly believes a global initiative like The Creativity Conference deserves to be mentioned in the media and we hope you do too! We would love to stay in touch, share ideas and see articles, podcasts, videos and more be published concerning the conference, Maxim, and related subjects. Please RSVP to this E-mail or give us a call. In the meantime, we wish you a great holiday season, an adventurous Christmas and an exciting New Year!

Please RSVP to this E-mail or give us a call. In the meantime, we wish you a great holiday season, an adventurous Christmas and an exciting New Year!

+32 (0)494 38 27 44

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