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Press Release: Blood and Doom Kickstarter in Its Last 2 Days - 100.000 Stretch Goal Unlocked

Yesterday, the Kickstarter campaign for the dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game Blood and Doom reached its 100,000 euro stretch goal. Now in its last 2 days, the campaign is heading for its next goal: the thrilling 100+ page Rise of the Black Sun adventure!

Of course, we absolutely welcome any and all articles, previews, reviews, and interviews you would like to do during this last weekend! During the late pledges stage, we will also be doing a live play and a rules overview with YouTubers and podcasters!

Press Release_Blood and Doom Kickstarter in Its Last 2 Days
Download PDF • 1.40MB

Click on the above link to download the full press release as a PDF

If you haven’t requested review copies of the game and its adventures yet, please do so! We will be sending out PDFs of the final versions to journalists, vloggers, bloggers, and influencers as soon as they come available, and will also send a selection of print products to many of them. We have decided not to send prints of the Primer versions of the games and send complete books instead so you can get to review the fully edited, final editions of Blood and Doom as they are intended to be published!

Last Chance to Pledge!

The clock is ticking, fellow adventurer. The final days of the Kickstarter campaign for Blood and Doom are upon us. This dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, set to be distributed by Modiphius Entertainment, will transport you to a world in peril. Athyr is under attack by twelve nefarious cults, each attempting to summon an all-powerful entity known as the Heralds of Doom.

But don't be deterred by the looming danger. This wondrous and mysterious world is yours to explore, teeming with ancient ruins, forgotten tombs, and warring feudal kingdoms. But beware - the damp jungles and arid deserts are fraught with peril, and even the air itself is being tainted by the influence of the Heralds and their followers. Face unfathomable monsters and uncover dark secrets as you fight to save Athyr from certain doom. Failure means your soul will be viciously harvested by the Munagi, lost to eternity.

Blood and Doom's gritty setting is reflected in its cinematic d10 dice pool system and mechanics, which include Blood Points and Doom Points. As you hurtle towards your own demise, you'll use the essence of Athyr itself to fuel your Powers or Magic. Keep track of your Injuries, Wounds, and Trauma, but don't let Madness consume you.

The campaign has surpassed its 100,000 euro stretch goal, unlocking a Double Whammy action that includes full Roll20 and Foundry integration, as well as the new Priest Class, two Archetypes, and lore on the 77 gods and spirits worshipped on Athyr. And there's still more to come - the 125,000 euro stretch goal will reveal an adventure featuring the infamous Black Sun, one of the 12 vile cults.

The Primer Bundle for Blood and Doom, available through Drivethrurpg, has already garnered rave reviews from journalists, vloggers, bloggers, and the TTRPG community. The full game promises to make an even greater impact, so please join the adventure and help us spread the word during these final stages of the campaign!

Blood and Doom Kickstarter Campaign Enters Final Two Days with Exciting Stretch Goals

As the Blood and Doom Kickstarter campaign draws to a close, we are thrilled to announce that we have already surpassed the €107,000 mark and show no signs of slowing down. With just two days left, we are eagerly anticipating unlocking one or possibly two more stretch goals.

The next stretch goal in sight is the Rise of the Black Sun adventure, which will be unlocked at €125,000. This exciting adventure will be available as a softcover Add-On in addition to the free PDF edition.

Rise of the Black Sun is the second Blood and Doom adventure that focuses on one of the twelve nefarious cults active on Athyr. This time, the story revolves around the Black Sun, a group of nihilistic cultists who seek to bring about the destruction of the gods themselves. In this adventure, players will face off against the Black Sun cult from the start and unravel the secrets of their nefarious activities.

The adventure is over 100 pages long and promises to explore another facet of the Blood and Doom setting. With your help, we can reach our next stretch goal and unlock this exciting new adventure.

Spread the word to your audience, and encourage them to support our Kickstarter campaign. Let's make this final push to the top count!

For interview, preview, review, and live play requests, please contact us at:

Badass PR

+32 (0)494 38 27 44


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