We are a Team                                                         

Badass PR is a team of PR consultants who didn't just pick any name for their bureau: aside from what you'd expect from a public relations agency, we love to come up with creative angles that provide added value to your service, product or business. Because we're jacks-of-all-trades (and masters of many), we're able to choose our clients carefully and guarantee we're only handling PR for people, businesses, organisations and products which we're passionate about ourselves.


We Have Guiding Principles                                             

Our Badass charter clearly states we will never take on clients who want us to promote something unhealthy or who pollute our environment. Hence, don't expect any press releases about candy, sugary energy drinks, red or processed meat, potatoes, nuclear energy or fossile fuels. Racist or antisocial political parties, organisations and individuals don't have to come knocking on our doors.

We Teach                                                                 

Badass PR is a full-service agency. We're also journalists and coaches teaching social media skills, crowdfunding, presentation & debating techniques, acting, NLP, hypnosis, Ericksonian speech, lie & emotion detection and communication - all available in both group and private settings. We take care of the press communication, (re)branding, (re)styling, PR stunts, lectures, workshops, blogs, tweets and much more! Of course, we work together with some of the best photographers, film makers and designers out there.


We're Versatile                                                                     

Badass PR specialises in entertainment (films, games and music), lifestyle, wellness, gastronomy, events and luxury products or services - both in the Benelux and more internationally. We have worked - and are working - for clients in Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA, the UK, France, Israel, Germany, Russia and even China!



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